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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring has finally arrived!!

The spring season at Mt Hood is usually the best time to practice jumping. Visibility is finally available, the sun comes out, and Timberline puts up a killer park that has a good line of jumps that lead right into a full run of jib features. This year spring has been as unpredictable as this winter. One week we have 50 degree weather with beautiful blue skies and the next it is a socked-in rain marathon. However, for that 9 day stretch of solid weather, all the locals were out building, snowboarding, and taking photos.

Ever since I broke my neck from over shooting a jump, I've had a hard time overcoming my fears. The sun brought on some good feelings within and with the help of some friends I was able to flush away those fears. My friend Jimmy Weisgerber helped motivate me to hit the largest jumps that Timberline had. I was really grateful for the motivation because it helped lift some of the barriers that I was placing on myself. Thanks to Karim Hadid ( I was able to get a few good shots on Paintbrush's jumps.

Madison Blackely recently arrived to the Mt. Hood area and was staying at my house. Having her around was a great way to get pumped about jumping. Madison is coming back from a gnarly injury to her arm that resulted in surgery. Her motivation to regain strength and get back into the game is outstanding. Her energy is hard not to feed off, thus making shredding 'oh so much better'. She's making a killer comeback and will be kicking ass soon enough.

Megan Ginter has also been making an appearance in these parts. Of course, we all know that Megan is the Queen of jumps so having her around is always a motivating treat. I can't think of anyone else that can through back 7's on giant kickers, so her advice goes a long way. We both participated in a photo shoot for POW gloves. We were getting sled rides to hit the features which is spoiling.

One day really stood out as one of the best days of the spring. Good friends Matt Kratzer and Ryan Faulk a.k.a "Rick" took the time and energy to build this awesome feature over a river gap. The snow was still melting out so the walls to the river were well over 10 feet and the gap over the river was no less than 20 feet from lip to landing. Even though the gap is not that large, the experience was overwhelming. My first time over made me tingle so much I had to sit down for a few minutes and let myself calm down. The consequences of coming up short could have been fatal to myself and the photographer below, who trudged through the river to get "the shot." All I could see myself doing was coming up short, smacking against the opposing wall, and falling backwards into the rocky, shallow river. This all while slicing the photographer's head off since he was standing at the bottom of the opposing wall. Drew Smalley ( is a really talented photographer and it wasn't until he showed up that I decided I had to man-up and hit the feature. Thankfully I did because Drew took some amazing photos.

I guess this is a shout out to all of my friends for always being so supportive and for pushing me in snowboarding. This spring has been a blast so far and I look forward to the summer shred at Windell's snowboard camp.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Campus Rail Jam Tour - Oregon State University

The Campus Rail Jam tour made a stop at Oregon State University on May 21, 2009.  The day was beautiful, but it was a scorcher.  I had a hard time motivating myself to compete.  I had already qualified for the finals in Portland, but I wanted to get some extra practice on the set up and maybe get a chance to take some money home.  I had a great time seeing lots of familiar faces.  The Oregon stops always draw a good crowd of people.  I got to meet a really sweet girl named Emily and I got to hang out with Ashley Thornton and meet her boyfriend.  Overall, even though I felt sluggish, the event was a blast and I took home the money I was hoping for.  

Mt. Hood Meadows and Kona Lager's Pond Skim

April 25th was a really frigid day to be holding a pond skim.  The objective of the event is to clear a 100 foot long pool of water that is even colder than the air.  The objective may be to skim the pond, but this is really a costume contest.  So really, the objective is to have the most elaborate costume that will not inhibit you from making the cross.  Due to lack of time and care for preparing  a costume, I kept it pretty basic and unoriginal. The first time around was a breeze.  I successfully made if to the other side.  Thank god, I don't think I would have been able to handle being wet and cold.  It was cold enough when you were dry.  Second time around, I was almost going to go swimming, but my determination to stay dry helped me to force myself above the water.  The competition was fun, but I think that next year I'll stear away from the gaper show.  

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hood River Show

I spend the last week learning all about the 2009-2010 Ride products.  I am going to be helping take appointments at SIA so this was basically a training session for me.  I have to say, the week was a blast.  The ROME guys always keep things interesting, and Pat and Kyle know how to party.  Sunday night Hells Bells was playing and the show was sick.  They are an all girls AC/DC cover band that sounds exactly the same.  I was at the bar getting drinks when an AC/DC song came on.  I thought they popped a CD in till the band  came on, but then I looked up at the stage and there was a chic on stage rock'n out.  I head banged so much I had an afro by the end of the night.  I must say though, I really appreciated being able to head bang.  May the good times keep on rolling.  

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Arctic Blast of 2008

As many of you know the Northwest and most of the country got hit with a few slam'n storms.  Portland was buried with about a foot and a half of snow, and there is about three feet at my house.  The snow amounts are amazing.  Of coarse with all that snow, we are flocking from the mountain to the city to go snowboarding.  While the folks of Portland aren't leaving their homes, the mountain has been dead.  The people of Portland find the urban snowboarding to be interesting, unlike the Salt Lake folks. The Rome boys were nice enough to let me tag along on their trips around town, offering a few words of encouragement.  My friend Halo was awesome enough to shoot the attached photo.  Thanks to my homies for the support.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back Yard Bangerer at Timberline

On Sat the 22nd, the back yard bang took place in Portland as did an early season jib session at Timberline.  With the way things worked out, and for better reasoning, I attended the jib session at Timberline. The event turned out to be a blast.  It was great to see lots of familiar faces.  Epic snowboards was there, Nick the local DC rep, lots of ladies (Amanda, Lauren, Destiny, Christine, Krysta, Julia, and more), and local homies.  The atmosphere was chill and the box was fun. It was great to ride with lots of friends and I am grateful for the experience.  I would have loved to have had the chance to ride along side my good friend, Megan Ginter, at the Back Yard Bang, but instead I can be proud to say that she took first place at the event. Cheers to Megan!!